Affleck is the new BATMAN ?!?


One comment on “Affleck is the new BATMAN ?!?

  1. Hans Gunsberger: Louis Le Marquand, Brown Beard, Ryan Button, Rich Clayton, Ben Holden, Lizzie Lou what you think guys??

    Ben Holden: Well, wasn’t expecting that. Seems a stretch to describe him as an extraordinary actor

    Lizzie Lou: Mmmm. Like you, I think I need some time to contemplate what the F@#K they were thinking…

    Rich Clayton: I don’t understand how someone can thing this is a good idea. I think I may need to go and find a Jackie Chan meme to insert here but i’m too upset…

    Hans Gunsberger: I had a list that certainly didnt include Affleck, i like his directing stuff but this could go one of two ways!! haha

    Ryan Button: Surely there must be a good reason for this?

    Lizzie Pickering: He’s too poncy to be batman x

    Hans Gunsberger: Warner Bros LOVE Affleck .. hes earnt them a few awards etc … He needs tp hit the gym now and start finding a dark place to go with the character! But then i didnt see BAle in the role either to be honest. Hes gonna need to pull off a stand alone batman movie and hold th efranchise for Justice League so needs to step up!!

    Ben Holden: Thought about it and decided this is a terrible idea. Afflecks too high profile to buy him as the character and not the guy who dated JLo. Henry Cavill was a virtual unknown when cast as Superman, hell even Bale was only really known from American Psycho, which gave a hint at his Bruce Wayne. Also did no one see Daredevil? They are fairly similar heroes, and that’s about as good as his batman is going to get.

    Lizzie Lou: Couldn’t have put it better Ben, I think Affleck I think him blubbing in Armageddon!

    Tristan Duff: This is bullshit!

    Hans Gunsberger: @Ben Holden Daredevil was shit but not really because of Affleck .. the script was awful and so were the others on the cast but i thought he was reasonable and that was a while ago. He was brilliant in the Town and Argo .. imagine how annoying Dicaprio used to be and now look at him! Im actually reserving judgement here!

    Hans Gunsberger: So who would you guys prefer??

    Hans Gunsberger: Also this bodes well for him getting a shot at directing either a bats movie or even justice league!

    Hans Gunsberger: Louis Le Marquand what you saying??

    Sami Al-Nashee: I think Affleck is good at what he does (now anyway), but he’s not the most versatile and he’s definitely not dark enough for Batman, shoulda been Fassbender!

    Louis Le Marquand: IMO this is inspired casting by WB and what a surprise! Know-one had Ben Affleck in their top 5 favourites for the Batman role did they? He’s definitely wasn’t my first pick but he meets all the criteria WB and us the general public should want from a Batman. He’s older, taller/bigger than Cavill, he has the potential to be physical beast and he’s a good actor. However Affleck hasn’t played a dark, broody, sophisticated character like Bruce Wayne/Batman before. I don’t wanna see Daredevil in black! I agree with you Col, i definitely think this increase the chances of seeing Affleck direct a Batman or JLA movie, and IMO he’s a better director than actor and would love to see him direct either or both lol.

    Louis Le Marquand: Argh dude i’m re-watching The Town at the mo to see if i can imagine Affleck portraying a rugged hard-ass crime fighter and all i’m imagining is Jon Hamm (who’s in the movie) standing over a beaten Henry Cavill in the pouring rain Saying the line “I want you to remember Clark, in all the years to come, in your most private moments, I want you to remember my hand at your throat. I want you to remember… The one man who beat you.” i get goose-bumps just picturing Hamm saying the line. Affleck has kind of a weak voice it doesn’t ring the same

    Hans Gunsberger: I watch a lot of Mad men and was doing the same but i couldnt see Hamm bulking up enough or losing the 1950s style image .. i may have to re watch a few Affleck movies to see how it fits!

    Hans Gunsberger

    The Town interview scene
    Don Draper takes on Chuckie Sullivan

    Hans Gunsberger: Louis Le Marquand shit you might be right!

    Louis Le Marquand: Yeah i agree, i couldn’t see Hamm bulking up enough either but i think the 1950’s style image would still work even today. it’s a classic look and one that i could imagine a Suave and sophisticated Bruce Wayne would have. At the moment Ben Affleck isn’t coming across as dare-I-say, manly enough to be a Batman. Also Batman needs a strong voice, it’s funny to think about bu t when you’re wearing a mask like batman, like Bane to some extent the voice is a huge part and i don’t know if Affleck has the voice for the job

    Louis Le Marquand: Yeah you watch that interview scene and who would you want as Batman. Defo Jon Hamm for me. Sorry Ben

    Ryan C Kelly: There is no way on earth that WB would have batman beat down superman a la Frank Millar’s TDKR. Too ballsy. Get that story out of your head Louis Le Marquand, it won’t happen. Id suggest you (and Ben Affleck) look to what I consider Millar’s unfinished bat-masterpiece, All Star Batman &Robin. I think Affleck could definitely play THAT version of Batman. But you’re right about his size and age being right. He has the right look too. You have to remember that movie stars aren’t bodybuilders so can only be so hench, bearing that in mind, he towers over Cavill (who’s a big dude). The more I mull it over, the more i like him for the role.
    Plus at his age, he could have been the batman for over 15 years, so the more established, experienced batman that we hoped for in the JL movie….

    Louis Le Marquand: No i do agree Ryan but at the same time Snyder has already said that Sups and Batman will be going head to head in MOS2. OK maybe not to the extent of TDKR. Still If you’ve stated that you’re looking for someone in their 40’s to portray Bruce Wayne/Batman why pick a guy that you could easily say look like he’s in his 30’s? Affleck maybe 41/42 but he doesn’t look it. He looks younger which IMO contradicts what WB was going for. I dunno i can’t wait for a trailer to arrive. It’s gonna be 18 months before we see anything like that!

    Ryan C Kelly: I don’t think Hamm is physical enough to do it. However poorly conceived daredevil was, affleck nailed it. The film was a turkey because of production. He proved he could do the superhero action stuff. Plus hes a comic book fan, so he has a good understanding of the role.

    Hans Gunsberger:

    Ben Affleck as Superman
    This is a clip of Ben Affleck as Superman in Hollywoodland.

    Hans Gunsberger: not his first outting in a cape either!

    Ryan C Kelly: Looks itchy!
    Loius Le Marquand: Haha, brilliant find Hans! You know what Affleck cast as Batman means now don’t you. It means we get to focus our powers of speculation on to who will be portraying Lex Luthor. Although he’s not actually been confirmed that he’ll in MOS2, it’s more than likely that they’ll go for Luther as the main villain. I imagine that if WB has announced who Batman is, it wont be long before we hear the general plot/who will be Lex Luthor. I think that WB casting Affleck clearly shows that they want to use some of their favourites, people they’ve worked with before which could be a good combat indicator that Mark Strong or Bryan Cranston are more than likely contenders.

    Hans Gunsberger: it will be Mark strong i would put money on it! I obviously had to turn down the role as im away!

    Hans Gunsberger: They reckon they want Luther to be a Richard Branson type gone bad ..

    Hans Gunsberger

    Argo Featurette #1 (2012) – Ben Affleck Movie HD
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    Louis Le Marquand: Haha, yeah i think Strong would be a bette fit for the role. I have to say though that one of the few things that i enjoyed with the Green Lantern Movie was Mark Strongs performance as Sinestro. It would make me glad to see that WB use him again in the JLA universe.

    Hans Gunsberger: Listening to him talk and his obsession with which film stock to use for different locations i cant imagine Affleck not fully committing to this role .. he knows the fan boys are gunning for him so hes gonna have to smash the role .. Might best Bales portrayal .. Goddam am i now fully onboard this crazy train!! YEP!

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