Ironman 3 crashes onto youtube

Another great trailer debut this week with the third installment of Ironman crashing onto youtube. We get a whole lot of plotline hints in there with a first look at the Patriot armour, Tony Starks new nanotech ‘snap on’ armour and a big reveal in the first glimpse of the Mandarin .. who frankly im surprised has taken this long to come give Ironman his rightful nemisis despite hints from as far back as the opening scenes of the first movie!

It would suggest that the third film is going to follow the Ironman extremis storyline with a nano virus leaked by Aldrich Killian (played by Guy Pearce) giving Stark new abilities such as super brain processing and healing whilst creating a new baddie in the form of Mallen .. an equally empowered ironman alter ego! Im just wondering though if Guy Pearce doesnt roll both these characters into one as it sounds like the threatening voice over is him rather than Ben Kingsleys Mandarin.

And on the subject of the Mandarin it appears that he wont be of the Asian persuasion and is in fact from a mysterious Middle Eastern background … i just hope they dont F this up!!


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