007 serves his country well!

So got back in from an earky showing of the new Bond , Skyfall and well rest assured Bond is back in all his technicolour glory!

There are old and new characters providing a colourful backdrop to Daniel Craigs faultless take on Bond who has finally blossomed into the dangerous ladies man with a quick witted comment at every turn.

We have finally been gifted a Bond villian too that rivals the likes of Goldfinger and Scaramanga both deliciously camp and menacing at the same time in Javier Bardems Silva.

Special mention must also be given to Ben Whinshaw who adds a little comedic turn to the flick as a cocky geeky take on Q that gives Bond a run for his money on the one liners!

The action is turned up from the previous movie which left fans wanting with a gripping finale revealing a little of the Bond back story and a few surprises along the way!


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