Amazing Spiderman

So was it amazing?? Well in short yes. Marc Webb has found a real star in Andrew Garfield who pulls off the geeky yet quick witted Peter Parker to a tea. I found that i actually laughed out loud at some of the funnier moments and believed the chemistry between Parker and Emma Stones Gwen Stacy.

It is a far slicker origins storyline and there are some interesting characters peppered throughout the OSCORPS world to get the imaginative juices flowing. However there certainly were some slightly cheesier moments with the New York public aiding in Spideys endevours which did cause a few cringes but this is Saturday matinee popcorn stuff so wont hold that against it too much.

Despite rave reviews across the board I wasnt a huge fan of the movies bad guy in the form of Rhys Ifans Dr Curtis Connors and his Lizard. I felt there was no real sense of menace from the CGI character and definitely felt he could have brought the ‘crazy’ a little more but all in all this was a vast improvement on the last dismal outing for Maguires Spiderman 3.

The real hot topic of debate however is in the final credits! Yep as all self respecting Geeks know .. never leave the theatre till the lights come up! I shall hold off on any spoilers until later next week but there is much to debate for the next movie that’s for sure!!

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